Understanding Trump by Newt Gingrich


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Recently the husband of the newly appointed Ambassador to the Vatican published his book titled “Understanding Trump”. That “husband” is Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House of Representatives and also former college Professor. Gingrich has spent some 30 plus years in politics and there are few who would know Washington politics better.


Gingrich has been a close confidant of Donald Trump since well before the election and has good insight into both Trump and the Washington opposition, which is better known as the “swamp” and AKA “the Deep State”.


The swamp is composed of long term politicians, both Democrat and Republican, their staffs, the lobbyists, many attorneys, entrenched bureaucrats, etc. Trump is the biggest threat to their job security that they have ever seen. He has already fired many government bureaucrats and the rest are looking over their shoulder. He has set an example by firing many in the VA mess. The anti-Trump media doesn’t say much about this because what he has done has been so effective in improving healthcare for veterans.


Gingrich explains that Trumps approach is very different than the normal Washington slow careful process in that even when Trump may not know what to do he does something. He then looks for the fallout, makes a correction and then charges forward again. This is very disruptive to the complacent Washington culture and it drives them nuts. It also gets things done. Trump is also a fast learner and although he may make a mistake once, he does not make it a second time.

Another area of fear for the entrenched elite is Trump’s rapid move to make foreign trade agreements better for America and to stop illegal immigration and make legal immigration more merit based. This threatens the cheap labor lobby and the UN and foreign lobbyists that fear anything that would “Make America Great Again”.


Gingrich also gets into why liberal college academics dislike Trump so much. Trump is a capitalist all the way and that threatens their socialist agenda.

The book is a good read and you will understand Trump much better after you have spent a few hours being enlightened.


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