Union President now supporting Illegal alien taking union jobs from its own members (as long as they pay union dues themselves)


Wow, AFL-CIO Union Comes Out in Support of Illegal Alien Workers Taking U.S. Jobs…

Posted on August 8, 2019 by sundance

In a remarkable admission today on Twitter AFL-CIO Labor Union President Richard Trumka supports the principle of illegal alien workers taking the jobs of American workers.  This is quite a bucket of sunlight upon a previously hidden agenda.

It is quite remarkable to see a large U.S. labor union now standing in support of illegal workers in the U.S.  There was a time, throughout the history of labor unions, when some of the strongest immigration voices were against American worker displacement.  Apparently that time is passed.

The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union was recently impacted by a federal immigration authority raid in Mississippi; which resulted in almost 700 illegal alien workers being identified and removed. In addition to the unlawful border entry, most of the illegal workers used fake documents, fake identifications and stolen social security numbers to falsify employment eligibility.

In the past several years there has been a considerable disconnect between labor union leadership and the best interest of the workers they represent.  As the Democrat party has moved to direct support of open-borders, apparently the labor union leadership is following.

In 2007 labor unions aligned strongly with candidate Obama over the promise of removing the liability of healthcare from their finances, in exchange for union support.  The union need for Obamacare was big part of the back-room discussions between labor and the Obama team. Ultimately it was Obama’s promises to the SEIU, AFSCME, AFL-CIO and UFCW that sealed his nomination over Hillary Clinton.

As a result, SEIU President Andy Stern was the number one visitor to the White House following Obama’s successful election win in 2008.   Andy Stern’s job was to get healthcare removed from the union ledgers by any means necessary.  This was the cornerstone of what became known as Obamacare.

Fast foward to 2019 and perhaps this radically shifted labor union outlook toward illegal aliens is a repeat of 2007.  Another backroom deal would explain why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are now pushing for a $15/hr federal minimum wage.

Most labor union wage contracts are pegged to the federal minimum wage rate.  If the minimum wage jumps $8/hr, the union worker earning $45/hr would see a corresponding jump to $53/hr.

In essence the Democrats would be paying-off the labor union leadership for open-border immigration support by promising a much higher wage increase for union workers. In exchange for the promise of a higher wage rate, the labor unions will activate again in 2020 to the scale they did in 2008 (ballot harvesting etc); and simultaneously start supporting illegal alien workers.

History repeats.

Another deal between two devils….