United West looks back 3 years ago to the Muslim Jihad attack on the Pulse night club in Orlando, Florida



Through The United West’s Research and Investigations… we look back and see 2 very disturbing events that took place around Florida in the prior months leading up to the Jihad attack.  Promoting Jihad and Sharia!  And to clarify… Jihad is NOT a “personal struggle”as is always presented to non-believers (Kafirs).  And Sharia is NOT the superior law to enforce, it is barbaric!

For the Kifir to understand Jihad and Sharia, read their authoritative documentation. One that is approved by Islamic Scholars from Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt, Reliance of the Traveller.  It documents the REQUIRED practice of Sharia, and defines Jihad (pg 599 – 605), a requirement of all who follow Islam.

Now on to that Timeline…  Take a look at these events


The 2 events presented to the general public that Sharia is good, along with Islamic examples why… AND, statements made that Gays MUST be killed!  AND nowhere was it referenced that these are only the “extreme actions” of Islam.  Kafirs are continuously told that Islam isn’t violent!  These events were public, think about the private events where Conservatives have  been refused entrance. As well as inside Mosques and Islamic Centers.

Did either of these 2 events have an influence on Omar Mateen?  Maybe not directly, but remember these events are prime examples of what Omar Mateen was taught his entire life!   And the results speak for themselves… the Jihad attack on the Pulse Nightclub!

Florida is NOT the only state holding events like these, just one of many that are allowing Islam to continue to threaten and act on the requirements of Sharia and specifically, Jihad!