Haim Saban, the chairman of the enormous media company known as Univision, has donated $7 million in support of Hillary Clinton and her Priorities USA Action Super PAC.

Saban and his wife have been described as “liberal mega” donors and are among the most generous donors to Clinton’s presidential campaign and PAC.

Univision is probably the largest Latino-oriented, Spanish-language media company in America, and it is decidedly liberal when it comes to immigration policies. Univision has never met an illegal immigrant that it didn’t like. Univision canceled its coverage of Donald Trump’s Miss USA pageant after Trump proposed building a big new wall between the United States and Mexico and added that he’d come down hard on illegal immigrants as well.

None of this is very surprising. Hillary Clinton portrays herself as a friend of the illegal immigrant, and if elected president she will probably make the U.S.-Mexican border even easier for illegals to cross than President Obama has done. Hillary Clinton and Haim Saban love illegal immigrants, love amnesty, love sanctuary cities and counties, love refugee programs with little or no background checks, hate border walls, hate enforcement of immigration laws, and generally would love to see the USA become just another Third World nation.

And, of course, Haim Saban is spreading the illegal immigration gospel of Hillary Clinton all across the Univision airwaves.

This is precisely the reason why your support of Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) is so extremely important today!

LIFA exists to battle Haim Saban, Univision, and all those who would destroy the USA with lawless immigration policies.

Support LIFA today so that we can continue to battle Univision with our nation-saving message about promoting legal immigration, enforcing immigration laws, strengthening our borders, building a wall, opposing amnesty, defunding sanctuary cities and counties, fighting H-1B visa abuse, prohibiting all immigration from Muslim countries, and halting the Syrian refugee programs where terrorists are hiding out and waiting to attack the USA!

Support LIFA today with a gift of $25 and we will send you a copy of our new book entitled “The Bible And Immigration.” Our new book details the responsibilities of the immigrant, the government, and the Christian, all from a biblical perspective, and it has received rave reviews from critics and readers all across the nation!

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Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) is a 501 (c) (3) organization.

All donations to LIFA are deductible as charitable donations for income tax purposes.



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