Unmasking Socialism


Dear friends of LIFA,

There has never been a time in the history of our country as important as right now. Conservatism is under assault, and radical socialist policies are being pushed like never before. LIFA (Legal Immigrants for America) is proud of the work we have done in the past, and are thankful for your part in making it happen. For the past four years LIFA has been very busy standing up for the rights of legal immigrants, and pointing out the difference between legal and illegal immigration on our country.

Everything we have done up until now, whether it be our work to help our coalition pass the “Ban Sanctuary Cities” bill, Florida SB168, (which passed and is now law in the state of Florida), or exposing the H1B Visa abuse (where IT workers are imported from India and China to supplant American citizen workers for cheaper labor costs), has been leading us up to this point—our defining moment as an organization.

Our most important endeavor, is called the Unmasking Socialism Project. The radical Left has identified three key states where, if they can win, they will win the presidency in 2020. Of course, Florida is always in play as a traditional swing state. But the Left has identified two more states, Texas and Georgia, as winnable states to turn blue. Without these three states, our desires for passing on a constitutional republic to our children and grandchildren are a faint hope. We MUST keep these states red in 2020, which is why we have the Unmasking Socialism Project.

We have created a voter guide supplement that we want to put in the hands of swing voters in these three states: Florida, Texas and Georgia. These guides Freedom vs Socialism which are printed in English on one side and Spanish on the other, shows the important differences between Freedom and Socialism. Socialism is like a cockroach—it only thrives in the dark—and we want to shine a light on the scourge of Socialism so swing voters can see how it will lead them down a very dark path, one that leads to Communism and loss of their freedoms and their way of life. Millennials, especially, have been brainwashed into believing the lie that Socialism offers a better way of life, but we know the truth. We want to see these voter guide supplements help them see the truth.

We have set a very aggressive fundraising goal of $150,000 to get our voter guide supplements in the hands of voters in Florida (100,000 guides), Texas (150,000 guides) and Georgia (50,000 guides.) We simply can’t do it without your help.

There are two ways you can make a tax-deductible donation to this important cause. You can give online at join-by-mail and click the “Donate” button, or you can mail a check to:

Legal Immigrants for America

1170 Tree Swallow Dr., #302

Winter Springs, FL 32708

Please consider joining us in making the Unmasking Socialism Project a reality. Together, we can keep Florida, Texas and Georgia RED in 2020.

Standing with you in the fight for freedom,

Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America