Very well done Swamp Report from Jim Simpson



Happy Easter to all of you! He is indeed Risen!

In this Swamp Report, I will be covering:

  1. An update on Phil Haney
  2. How we are turning into Italy
  3. Epoch Times video on origins of Covid-19
  4. My Covid-19 projections
  5. An appeal to open the economy
  6. This month’s upcoming webinar
  7. Joke of the day. This one is hilarious!

It has been over a month since the last Swamp Report. I apologize for the delay. It is because I have been preoccupied with my campaign. As most of you know by now, I am running for the U.S. Congress in Maryland’s District 2.

Speaking of which, the encouragement I have received from many of you is inspiring and humbling. Take a look at some of the endorsements I have received: Kris Kobach, Ken Blackwell, Clare Lopez, Kevin Freeman and many more.

THANK YOU to those of you who have donated. I literally would not have a campaign without your help. You have been kind and generous.

But most of you have not yet donated. For shame!

Seriously though, I know these are hard times for all of us. In many ways unprecedented.

But please reflect on this:

  • I have been providing you powerful information with these Swamp Reports for years, for free.
  • Dan and I have been providing you with live, in person webinars with noteworthy people in our movement for years, for free.

An exhausting amount of time and effort goes into all of it. I don’t think you have any idea how much.

So as they say in the trenches, “Praise God and pass the ammunition.”

In this case the ammunition is money. And if I am going to win this campaign I need to raise a lot of it. The primary has been extended for another month and it will all be conducted by mail. That means the only way I can reach all the voters is by mail! That is extremely expensive.

I have six primary opponents, then I have to face off against an 18 year incumbent Democrat Nancy Pelosi clone who is literally destroying the state.

So please make a donation to my campaign. I don’t care how much. $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 would be fantastic if everyone did it. The most you can give for the primary is $2,800. I know most cannot afford that kind of change, but ANY AMOUNT WILL HELP!

The point is, I really need to raise money NOW. You all know where I stand on the issues, and I will continue to stand tall on them in Congress. It has literally been my life’s work to defeat those who are threatening us, and put our nation back on track. I will take this fight to Congress.

This is a national campaign. We need to take back the House to prevent another four years of Nancy Pelosi lunacy and corruption! I will be YOUR representative in Congress, even if you don’t live in my district.

So please, right now, take a minute and hit the DONATE button for my campaign. Press it like you are a hospital patient in intense pain pressing the pain meds button! The only way I win is by raising enough money for an effective, powerful campaign.

And in case you were wondering, I get none of it for myself. I am supporting myself entirely with meager savings and what work I can get in what little free time I have.

So please, DONATE. Thank you for your support!