Vote on Reinstating Broward County Sheriff


Florida Senate to Vote on Reinstating Broward County Sheriff 

Senate President Bill Galvano has announced a one-week special session starting Monday, October 21st to consider the recommendation from Special Master Dudley Goodlette to reinstate disgraced Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

Sheriff Israel demonstrably failed the students and teachers at Marjorie Stoneham Douglass High School. During the Parkland shooting deputies failed to confront Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooter Nikolas Cruz. Deputies lacked proper training to handle mass shooters and in the worst instance, multiple BSO deputies, including school-resource officer Scot Peterson, failed to confront Cruz at all.

This past January, Governor DeSantis did the right thing by signing an executive order to remove Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel for “incompetence” and “neglect of duty”.

Florida law allowed Scott Israel to appeal the Governor’s order by requesting a hearing with the Florida Senate, who can overturn the decision.  Under Article IV, Section 7 (b) of the Florida Constitution the Senate may remove or reinstate the suspended official and the President of the Senate may unilaterally convene the Senate in Special Session.

Dudley Goodlette was appointed by Senate President Bill Galvano to preside over hearings to offer a recommendation to the Senate on whether to reinstate Israel or fire him for good. After the hearing, Special Master Goodlette has recommended to the Senate to reinstate Scott Israel as Broward County Sheriff.

Sheriff Israel had a responsibility to do everything in his power to keep the citizens of Broward County as safe as possible.  Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was killed in the shooting, strongly condemned the recommendation of the Special Master on Twitter, saying the sheriff “let kids get murdered.”

We must hold those we place in leadership accountable. It would be a disgrace and a grave disservice to Florida if the Florida Senate votes to reinstate Scott Israel.


The Florida Senate will hold a one-week special session starting Monday, October 21 to vote on reinstating Scott Israel.

Please call and e-mail your district Senator and tell them to vote NO on reinstating Scott Israel. Senators need to hear from their constituents.

Click here if to find your district Senator and how to contact them.


In Liberty,

John Hallman

RLC of Florida

Legislative Affairs