Dear Friends of LIFA:

LIFA always defends the loyalty and good citizenship of legal immigrants from Latin America and other parts of the world. However, because of the Latin Americans record of favoring Socialism/Communism in their countries, we fear many Latinos do not have enough knowledge and/or appreciation for the foundation and history of our Judeo-Christian United States to defend it.

Logically, victims of Communism from Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Viet Nam and other Socialist/Communist nations should have a built in “sixth sense” that enables them to recognize and reject the party that most resembles the one that brought about the destruction of their homelands. One would think that it would be easy for them not to be fooled because the tools Communists use are always the same.

It seems incongruous that Latin Americans that have suffered unspeakable evil in their Socialist/Communist countries should fail to fight to defend the freedoms and opportunities they enjoy in the United States. That they would fail to identify the leader that offers them the things they risked their lives to achieve.

This is the time for Latinos to rise up to the occasion. Educate themselves on the platforms offered to them by the candidates on the Right and on the Left.

One, a patriot that loves the United States of our founding whose Agenda is one of Making America Great Again and Again. The other, with a long record for all to see of playing Marionet, always ready to be played by his Masters regardless of right or wrong.  Is that too difficult a choice?


Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America