Of DACA, Border Security, The Diversity Lottery, Chain Migration And Burning Ships


Who are the history buffs among you? 

As a yesteryear aficionado you might recall a particular strategy employed by a few military leaders throughout the centuries, which involved intentionally eliminating any potential retreat routes prior to an impending battle.  The burning of ships registered a dominant spot in this tactics manual.  The preempted choice was straightforward.  You were either victorious, which allowed you to live and possibly fight another day, or you ended up enslaved, if not dead.  Turning tail was not an option.


The current DACA/Border Security/Diversity Lottery/Chain Migration dilemma with respect to illegal immigration has brought us to a similar crossroads in our timeline.   The fabric and thereby the future of our nation is at stake.  


Let’s expose the elephant in the room, for those who are not quite sure what to make of this proverbial pachyderm. 


In the link referenced below you will read that the Democratic Party sees illegal aliens as a huge potential, future Democrat voting bloc, turning currently red and purple states completely blue. 



No matter how emphatically they try to convince us, it is not the Democrats’ empathy, decency or goodwill that drives their supposed humanitarian desire to naturalize hundreds of thousands of illegals.   If opinion polls showed that recently naturalized, former illegal aliens were to overwhelmingly vote for the GOP, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and their fellow progressives would be the first ones to push the undocumented crowd back across the borders or send them packing on an international flight.


If the illegals become naturalized, they will overwhelmingly vote for “Open Border” politicians.



What good will enacting border security measures do now, if granting future citizenship, aka voting rights to DACA recipients, will render those moves null and void in the foreseeable future?  With a Democrat majority these actions will be undone overnight.  The grid will promptly go down for surveillance measures requiring electricity.  The actual physical wall will probably be modified with doorways to allow for the free flow of “human traffic” (and drugs), the diversity lottery will resume with “Higher Numbers,” and chain migration will enjoy the benefit of being on steroids.  ICE will be rendered a mere annoying afterthought.  Come one, come all, will be the prevailing motto.


For a properly functioning body the left hand must know what the right hand is doing and vice versa.  Securing the border on the one hand, but simultaneously laying the groundwork for its future destruction with the other, represents an exercise in futility and would ultimately lead to the destruction of said entity.


If we are “burning our ships,” let’s make darn sure we know how to win the looming fight!


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