We cannot be sure when this week this vote to ban sanctuary cities will come up other than, sometime this week. Please call or email your Senator and ask them to vote for SB168 and if you are in Senator Flores district in Miami please make a special effort to call her.


Florida’s Legislators Need to hear from you regarding Anti-Santuary bills!

The Anti-sanctuary bills, SB 168 and HB 527,  have passed out of all committees favorably.  The full House will vote on HB527 on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 sometime after 12:30 PM.  You can view the House floor procedings at House Schedule.  The exact time is unknown and the session could continue quite late. The House bill will pass easily but the vote on SB 168 in the full Senate will be close.  The date for the full Senate vote has not yet been announced.

The Anti-sanctuary bills would prohibit illegal-alien sanctuary practices and ensure that criminal aliens are not released into local communities. Republican Senator Anitere Flores has already announced her opposition.

Legislators in the Senate are facing an onslaught of pressure from open-borders groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and United We Dream. These groups are trying to make SB 168 toxic by claiming it is discriminatory. However, the anti-sanctuary bill merely prohibit localities from adopting policies that shield criminal aliens

Please call and email your State Senator and ask him/her to vote YES on SB 168.

Contacting your Senator

Please click on your Senators’ name on this page
to find a phone number and the online email form. If you do not know his/her name, go here.

Talking points are:

The bottom line is, sanctuary policies:

  • Threaten public safety;
  • Are costly
  • Conflict with federal law; and
  • Are unfair to legal immigrants.

“I am a constituent in your district who wants you to vote YES on SB 168. It ensures that localities do not return criminal aliens onto Florida’s streets to prey on the community. They should be removed from the country so they do not endanger citizens and the officers who encounter them.”

Do not listen to the bill’s loud opponents who turn a blind eye to the public safety threats posed by sanctuary policies. They do not speak for voters like me. Please pass SB 168.


Contacting Sen. Flores

If you are a constituent of Sen. Flores, please call her (850-487-5039) using the talking points below. You can find her online email form here.

“I am a voter in your district who is angry that you intend to oppose SB 168. There is no reason to return criminal aliens to Florida’s streets when they can be removed from the country. I hope you will change your mind because I will not forget your vote come election time.”


Your voice is needed now to make sure the Senate votes on this crucial legislation


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