We have a current crisis of thousands of people coming through Central America to enter the United States by force


Dear friends of LIFA

One of the things that legal immigrants from Communist countries deplore is how easy it is for the wolves in sheep’s clothing from other countries to fool Americans.  We are under attack and most don’t know it.

We have a current crisis of thousands of people coming through Central America to enter the United States by force.  The caravan is an obvious shield for the undesirables. Rumors abound as to who the organizers are:  Some say “Pueblo sin Fronteras, George Soros, anti-government Honduras rebels with the help of Venezuela, and even accuse the UN of being involved somehow.  But we won’t know for sure until a proper investigation is done.  The one thing we can be certain of is that it would be impossible for the Hondurans, Salvadorians, and Guatemalans to organize this exodus, collect the money to fund it, and know the loopholes in our political asylum laws.

I reiterate that this is an act of war.  If you look at the army of military age young men that are coming tearing down all obstacles in their way, injuring the Mexican police, you cannot assume they are coming in peace. There is no concern for the welfare of the people who naively believe what they are promised, including the few token women and children.  The men come flying flags of the countries they are escaping from for “a better life” while they challenge our President in Spanish: “We are coming President Trump, you can’t stop us” with clenched fists up in the air.  Confident that if they cross, they will be sheltered and catered to in liberal states like California, New York, and in many counties and cities in the state of Florida and throughout America.  Sanctuary states and cities are waiting for them.

Can our country absorb and support the entire population of, not only Central America but of third world nations in the world without bankrupting and endangering our peace, well being, and security?  Honduras rates #1 in homicides in the entire world, followed by Venezuela, Belize, El Salvador, and Guatemala in that order.     

All countries have a way for admitting and qualifying people applying for residency:  Legal immigration.  The USA has a right to qualify those who come, no different than many other nations do.  The idea is to make sure that those coming are people of good moral character that will contribute to our society.  The RAISE Act will be a tremendous improvement to our present immigration laws.

It is time for Americans to show their discontent with the abuse of caravans from Central America.  Their success encourages more caravans.  We are now suffering the same threat Israel is suffering and we need to emulate them emulate them and defend our sovereignty.   ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Taliban have declared war to America and they are crossing our border or overstaying their visas. People have already been identified in the caravan from Somalia, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Eritrea and Pakistan. It is ridiculous to think that those coming would all be Central Americans.  The population of Central America is small in numbers.

This November 6th election is the 2nd most important one of our lives.  The first one being the Presidential election of 2016 when we elected the “American First” candidate Donald J. Trump.  The Left should be sent the message that Americans are not buying their Socialist/Communist/Islamists Agenda to fundamentally transform us.  This a war between good and evil, Marxism vs Capitalism, freedom vs tyranny.  Vote wisely.



Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America