We must continue to call Washington and express our dismay and dissatisfaction with the extremist behavior by the U.S. House of Representatives


Dear Friends of LIFA:

It is all about Venezuela these days and it is right that it be so.  Maduro closed the Venezuela Embassy in Washington.  The State Department ordered non-emergency U.S. government employees to leave Venezuela.  An alert was issued advising caution to U.S. citizens traveling to Venezuela and directing Americans residing in Venezuela to consider departing the country.

The United States has recognized Juan Guaido, head of Venezuela’s National Assembly, as the new Venezuelan constitutional interim president.  Other countries recognizing President GUAIDO include: Spain, Canada, and most of THE SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICAN countries with the exception of Cuba in the Caribbean, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Bolivia.  As usual, China and Russia oppose the United States position.

The liberation of Venezuela means much more than the bringing back of peace and prosperity to Venezuela. It may entail the liberation from communism in other countries in the hemisphere.  Communism is being rejected throughout the world.  You can camouflage it as Progressivism or Socialism but the result is the same:  Totalitarianism! The elites become incredibly rich and powerful and enslave their fellow citizens with impunity.

In spite of the hateful words towards “American Imperialism” it is the United States that has promised to give 20 million in humanitarian aid to the hurting Venezuelans.  And it is the United States that welcomed thousands of Venezuelans seeking refuge, including some very rich communists that took advantage of the opportunity to get Residency and a path to citizenship in the United States.

It is interesting how few communists ever seek refuge in Cuba, Nicaragua, or North Korea.  It is also interesting that you can be white and, if you are a communist, no one will ever call you racist or any other derogatory name.

The United States of America has not enforced the Monroe Doctrine for decades and we are paying for it.  Sen. Joe McCarthy was right after all.  Now that we have lost much of Latin America to socialism/communism, the results are obvious.  We the people of the United States have also suffered consequences for all of our southern neighbor’s mistakes. 

The hatred against America caused by the left’s communist propaganda machine in Latin America, has caused the leaders of our neighboring countries to remain impervious to the invasion and potential destruction of our country.  In fact, they look the other way while the Coyotes help America’s enemies enter our country illegally.  I hold Congress responsible for not defending the national security of our country and placing their political careers ahead of the people.

Those entering the USA carrying Central American passports but speaking Arabic, Urdu, Hindu, Mandarin, and other exotic languages are not Central Americans.  We can only hope that at least some Americans are open to the truth.

We thank God that we have a president that loves his country and the American people.  The left finds that objectionable and have thrown every weapon in their coffers to stop him.  They’ve earned the name “Enemies of the People”.

We must continue to call Washington and express our dismay and dissatisfaction with the extremist behavior by the U.S. House of Representatives.



Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America

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