We need the Dems to tell us how horrible America is


Democratic Party Debates: 2016 Deja Vu

By: George Noga – July 5, 2019


This impromptu posting offers our impressions of the Democratic Party debates. The candidates inhabit an America that is unrecognizable. The country they describe is straight from The Grapes of Wrath or from a Dickens’ novel, such as Hard Times, which details the soul-crushing conditions in Coketown, a fictional English town.

The Democrats’ America is racist, homophobic, xenophobic and inhumane; everyone is drowning in student loan debt. Corporations are rapacious monopolists bent on polluting our air and water. We are wallowing in historic financial inequality; all but the top 1% are failing. Systemic corruption infects healthcare, guns and climate change. America is riven by class, race, and income; women live The Handmaid’s Tale and blacks Jim Crow. President Trump is a devil and Mitch McConnell is a fiend.

How do the Dems square their Dickensian vision of America with the fact that 71% of Americans (60% of Dems) say the economy is doing well and where every metric of environmental and human well-being is the best it has been and is getting better? Who are voters going to believe, the Democrats or their own lyin’ eyes?

They want to take private health insurance from 177 million Americans who are happy with theirs. They advocate open borders, eliminating checks at points of entry, including airports. They want to increase taxes and to eliminate fossil fuels. Their solution to everything is more government, even to the point of socialism.

The candidates preached to Americans as though they were unrepentant sinners, who must be instructed about what is morally right and wrong. They relentlessly tarred Americans as heartless bigots. The elites, the left and the media all are oblivious to how this endless sermonizing disgusts the irredeemable deplorables in flyover land.

When Democrats weren’t sermonizing or patronizing us with their high-school Spanish, they were busy virtue signalling. They fatuously reminded us of their mixed-race families, homes in diverse neighborhoods, military service and immigrant roots. They reveled in their desperanto quasi-victimhood, medical problems and student loan debt and reminded us about just how compassionate and caring they really are.

The biggest contretemps occurred between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden when Harris excoriated Biden for his stance on forced busing in the 1970s. This is telling for several reasons. Harris tarred Biden as racist for opposing busing; but busing was wildly unpopular, opposed by 96% of whites and 91% of blacks. Biden was right to oppose busing and Harris wrong to attack him for it. Nonetheless, Harris was credited with claiming Biden’s scalp and Biden was so clueless, he couldn’t defend himself.

The Democrats are making all the same mistakes (and then some) that they made in 2016 and, if they continue, they will reap the same outcome. A sane voter looking for an alternative to Trump did not find one in the debates. And if the Democrats keep on denigrating ordinary Americans, it will be as Yogi said, deja vu all over again.