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I’m a U.S. Navy Veteran, a former police officer, an NRA member, a loving wife, a nurturing mother — and a gun-toting Harley Davidson riding enthusiast.

I’m also a strong supporter of President Donald Trump’s America First Agenda.

But according to liberals like far-left Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke this makes me – and all Trump supporters – a racist who enjoys the “benefits of white privilege.” 

James, I’m black, and grew up in the ghetto of St. Louis.

But because I’m a firebrand America First Conservative, I’ve been labeled one of Antifa and Black Lives Matter’s biggest enemies.

In fact, my husband was forced into early retirement from law enforcement after being hunted down and shot twice in the line of duty by a member of Black Lives Matter.

My name is Peggy Hubbard.

And I’m the conservative Republican taking on liberal Democrat Dick Durbin for U.S. Senate in Illinois.

Because of my conservative values, I’m one of the Democrats top targets for attack in the upcoming election.

And I need your help and support to counter the attacks and retire Dick Durbin in 2020.

So can I count on you to please chip in a donation of $1,000, $500, $250, $150, $75, $50, $35 or $25 to my campaign to help me defeat Dick Durbin in 2020?

If elected to the U.S. Senate, I won’t be just another “good vote.”

If elected as the next Senator from Illinois, I’ll stand up and fight Chuck Schumer and his cronies with everything I have.

I’ll be a leader for President Donald Trump and his America First Agenda in the Senate, including:

*** Fighting to build Trump’s border wall and end the scourge of illegal immigration scouring our borders. This includes supporting alternative proposals to get the job done such as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s “El Chapo” bill that would seize the assets of Mexican drug cartel leaders in U.S. Custody and taking money from cities that openly disobey the law by becoming “Sanctuary Cities”;

*** Defending our God-Given Right to keep and Bear Arms enshrined in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution;

*** Cutting taxes and balancing our out-of-control $22 TRILLION and growing deficit;

*** Defending the Sanctity of Life by cutting off all funds to Planned Parenthood and passing a Life at Conception Act to end abortion in America once and for all.

Those are just a few of the America First policies I’ll fight for in Washington.

But I need your help to get there.

So please, chip in a donation to help me defeat Dick Durbin in 2020.


Your contribution will help my campaign pay for mailings, advertisements, yard signs, flyers and other costs associated with contacting and mobilizing voters across Illinois to defeat Dick Durbin in 2020.

Of course, I understand only a few people are able to afford $2,800 ($5,600 per couple) — the maximum legal amount under federal law.

If you are such a person, I believe this race is an investment worth making.

But I also understand that $50 or $100 may be all many folks can give.

In fact, I know for some even $15 or $25 is a sacrifice.

Whatever amount you can afford, your contribution will be greatly appreciated and put to immediate use — and I promise to be a careful steward of your trust.

Dick Durbin is a big part of the problem in Washington.

And it’s critical that patriots from across the country work together to replace him with a principled conservative who will fight for Trump’s America First Agenda.

So please, chip in a donation to let me know you’ve got my back against Dick Durbin and the liberal Democrats in 2020.


Thank you in advance for your support.


Peggy Hubbard

Republican Candidate For U.S. Senate


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