WH 912 CALL TO ACTION – 100721


Following and attached is Winter Haven 912’s Call to Action 100721.  Important FL legislation has been introduced and will be going to Committees that we need to track and support.  As usual there are also very Bad Bills being introduced by anti-2nd Amendment and other rights socialist Democrats that we must fight against.  Information is also provided on the upcoming PC FL Delegation on Oct 26 and in regard to local committees we have organized.


  1. We all need to get behind some very good FL Legislative Bills filed by FL Rep Anthony Sabatini who will be speaking to us at our meeting on October 28. He is also running for US House.

HB 75 – Limiting COVID-19 Restrictions: Prohibits state or any political subdivision from enacting mask mandate; provides any such mandate is void; prohibits state & local governments from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations, issuing vaccine passports;

HB 99Requiring Forensic Audit of Election 2020 in FL

HB 133 — Prohibiting Cooperation With a United States Capitol Police Office Located in FL;

HB 103 Providing Constitutional Carry


We need to encourage our PC FL Delegation members below to Co-Sponsor these Bills if in House or submit companion bill if in Senate – following are their email addresses and phone numbers:

Sen Ben Albritton – Sen Dis 26 – albritton.ben@flsenate.gov – 850-487-5026

Sen Danny Burgess – Sen Dist 20 –  burgess.danny@flsenate.gov – 850-487-5020

Sen Kelli Stargel – Sen Dis 22 –   stargel.kelli@flsenate.gov      – 850- 487-5022

Rep Josie Tomkow – House Dis 39 – josie.tomkow@myfloridahouse.go – 850-717-5039

Rep Colleen Burton – House Dis 40 – colleen.burton@myfloridahouse.gov – 850-717-5040

Rep Sam Killebrew – House Dis 41 – sam.killebrew@myfloridahouse.gov – 850-717-5042

Rep Fred Hawkins – House Dis 42 – fhawkinsjr@gmail.com – 850-717-5042

Rep Melony Bell – House Dis 56 – melony.bell@myfloridahouse.gov – 850-717-5056


For further information on your Senator and Representative including their District maps; additional methods to contact them and registering to track bills, go to the following links:




We also need to TRACK these good bills thru Committees and encourage Committee Chairs to place them on Agenda and Committee Members to Vote for them – more on how to do this in next week’s Call to Action.  The Committees will meet twice in Oct, twice in Nov and once in Dec before the 2022 Session starts in Jan. 2022.  If Committee Chairs do not place a Bill on their Agenda the bill dies so very important to let them know of our support.


There are also bad bills we need to fight against.  So far these are:

HB 19 (makes Red Flag Orders be added to NCIC – the Democrat idiot who files this obviously hasn’t red the Red Flag Law on Risk Protection Orders – SB 7026 which already requires this be done);

HB 73 (repeals Stand Your Ground self-defense laws);

HB 83 (further restricts a gun owner’s rights to ownership if charged with domestic violence);

SB 204 (bans private firearms sales);

SB 210 (repeals the ban on the government keeping records of gun owners);

SB 214 (enacts an “assault weapons ban” and bans possession of magazines over 10 rounds);

SB 220 (makes it illegal to keep a firearm ready in the home for self-defense).

HB 19 was introduced by socialist Democrats  Rep. Michael Gottlieb (D), HB 73 by Rep. Michele Rayner (D), HB 83 by Rep. Anna Eskamani (D); the other four (4) gun control bills in the Senate were introduced by Sen. Gary Farmer (D FL).

So far the only Committee to which these bills are assigned is the  House’s Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee:

More to follow on how to track these bad bills, which Committee to contact and how to do so.


  1. Submit Request Forms to Speak at PC FL Delegation – If you want to speak submit request forms now to hedy.weddington@myfloridahouse.gov Deadline is 5 pm on Oct 12. The Delegation meeting is on Oct. 26 from 1:30-5:00 pm at the Polk State College Center for Public Safety, 1251 Jim Keene Blvd, Winter Haven 33880 (Sheriff’s Complex).  Glynnda and I will help you with your 3 min presentation if you’d like us to.  A General theme can be FL Legislation.
  1. Organized Activist Committees – WH 912 has organized 8 Committees but we need Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs to step up and volunteer to lead these groups. The 3 Committees we have Chairs for are School Board (Maureen Miller); Support 1st Responders (Sandy Guy) and 2nd Amendment (Denise Catserilis & Pete Smith ).


We need a Chair for the Board of County Commissioners; Lake Wales and Winter Haven City Commissions; Elections Integrity and Intelligence Gathering.  Also not too late to sign up and join at any time you wish.  See me or Glynnda if interested after meeting or send an email to glynndaw@hotmail.com and/or royalbrowniii@aol.com .