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There has been much said about the Washington swamp and their extreme dislike for Trump, but what are they and why the extreme fear of change. The core of the problem is the entrenched Civil Service employees. As they are noted as saying about incoming administrations that they don’t like. “Don’t worry I’ll still be here when they are gone.”

Back in the mid 1800’s when there were about 16,000 Federal government employees, they served “at the pleasure of the President” and so each new administration brought in their own people. This patronage system did not work that well because the transfer to all inexperienced people was not good. Also this  led to hiring people whose only qualification was helping in the election. During the last half of the 1800’s there were various stages as it transferred to the current civil service system where they take a test, but it then becomes almost impossible for them to be removed which is also not good.  Also there are now about 300,000 in Washington, D.C alone.

Many of these people have never had anything, but a government job. Coming out of school they may well have had limited job offers, but probably did not qualify for jobs they wanted.  The government jobs main draw was job security and benefits with steady increases based not so much on job performance, but on years of employment. There are reports of some that do not show up for work regularly, but still get paid.

After some years of employment, they may become supervisors. In these positions of authority, they may make major policy decisions that affect thousands if not millions of people. That is power.

When a new outsider President with the experience of running a big business comes in and says he is going to clean up the swamp by running it like a business he poses a huge threat. The swamp has many tentacles including all the Washington lobbyists who make and control millions of dollars. All the past presidents on either side allowed business as usual for the swamp, but Trump shows up and says no, it is now going to be America first and government will run like an efficient business. That creates panic, and the dirtier the hands the greater the panic.

The other part of this is that government civil service with all its associated connections and hangers on is like a virus that feeds upon itself. It grows and infects everything and anything it touches and it will do anything to protect itself. It will kill the host (America) if necessary before allowing the anti-biotic (Trump) to defeat it.

The “Swamp” is known by many names such as the “Resistance”, the “Deep State”, the “Shadow Government” the “Establishment”.  It has support from both sides of the aisle —Democrat side, Socialists, George Soros, CAIR,  AFL-CIO , LA Raza and on the Republican side, Koch brothers, Americans for Prosperity, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

And that is the Swamp, we are facing today. Their biggest fear is Trump’s success.


Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America


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