Where Republican Contenders Stand on the Issue


Refer to Conservative Review to see where the Republican candidates stand on the issues. Or to save time, refer to Doug Ross to see where they stand on the issue — because as Ann Coulter argues so persuasively in Adios America, there is really only one. Here’s how Ross sums up the field on illegal immigration:

1. 100% Trump: his entire reputation has been staked on this tenet; failure to follow through would be an utter disaster for his reputation

2. 100% Cruz: unlike the rest of the field, Cruz has been unwavering in his opposition to amnesty and illegal immigration

3. 20% Huckabee: while his track record as governor is not encouraging, Huckabee has been a consistent and vocal opponent of illegal immigration

4. 5% Carson: while I don’t think Ben Carson is necessarily beholden to the GOPe [GOP Establishment], his positions on immigration are quite inconsistent and confusing

5. 0% Bush: the third Bush is a lost soul when it comes to illegal immigration; he’s a Chamber man, plain and simple

6. 0% Fiorina: a two-time failure as a CEO (her stints at Lucent and HP were utter and complete disasters); she was also a massive loser as a Senate candidate in Cali. Fiorina is an establishment candidate who openly supports Amnesty for illegals

7. 0% Walker: his record as governor is outstanding; his secret dealings on amnesty make it obvious that he is a tool of the GOPe

8. 0% Rubio: his wavering positions on amnesty notwithstanding, as recently as last month Rubio asserted support for amnesty prior to a border closure initiative

9. 0% Christie: in-state tuition for illegals says it all; Christie has a long track record of tacitly endorsing illegal immigration

10. 0% Paul: a supporter of Mitch McConnell in 2014, Paul has transformed himself from a libertarian rebel to an establishment toadie. His record on amnesty is emblematic of his apparent ties to the Chamber

11. 0% Kasich: John Kasich is a vocal supporter of amnesty and open borders

12. 0% Graham: Lindsey Graham? Who?

Bobby Jindal doesn’t make the list, although he is as likely to win the nomination as Lindsey Graham. Jindal would do something about illegal immigration, but would also do something about legal immigration — expand it even further.

Third World immigration must be radically curtailed immediately until some assimilation can take place or this country is going down. First to go will be everything associated with our cultural heritage — that is, everything conservatives most value, prominently including our constitutional rights, which would never be honored in a Third World country like we are on course to become.

Both legal and illegal immigration must be brought under control quickly. But the first step is to elect someone who will immediately deal with the illegal side. That leaves us with two serious candidates.


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