Whether you are on the Right or Left the message the American people are sending is loud and clear


Dear Friends of LIFA:

Whether you are on the Right or Left the message the American people are sending is loud and clear.  Americans want a pro-American, pro-freedom, prosperity, and national security president.  As a whole, Americans do not like the worldwide illegal alien invasion.  They logically consider it a national threat, an invasion, and an act of war.  It does not matter who is waging the war.  We should defend ourselves!  This is not a Left or Right issue. It is an American issue.

The one listening to We The People is President Trump and his administration.  Congress has made it obvious they care more about the illegal aliens’ “rights” than the rights of the citizens of the United States of America whom they swore to represent.  It will take many generations for people to forgive the years of inaction from presidents, on both sides of the aisle, on illegal immigration.

The Left will not find anyone with enough support to defeat President Trump’s Pro-American voters.  His record is too good.  Just the fulfillment of his campaign promises of working against illegal immigration, lowering taxes, bringing jobs, factories, and investment back to the USA.  The rebuilding of the military and the lowering of unemployment for Americans of every color and ethnicity, is an unheard-of phenomenon in Washington.

The overwhelming demonstration of support when President Trump announced his intention to run for another term in Orlando on June the 18th, means something.  The leadership of the city of Orlando is not conservative, Entering the Arena was an obstacle course in addition to having a monsoon dump on the people waiting outside.  But the Arena filled up, soaking wet people kept coming in!

The underestimation of the power of President Trump’s patriotism, pro-Americanism, and MAGA Agenda, coupled with the hostility of the Media’s and Leftist politician’s towards President Trump’s voters has consequences.  President Trump opponents, would do well to pay attention to the, not so subliminal message, the People of the United States are sending.  They agree with what President Trump is doing at home and overseas and are sympathetic to him.  The efforts to destroy him only makes them angrier.  Whatever President Trump’s opponents expected to achieve, has backfired.  Their anti-American movement may be their undoing.



Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America