Why is voter fraud most prevalent in Democrat run areas? This time New York


Project Veritas has uncovered a group of Florida voters whose identities may have been unlawfully used to cast ballots in their names in their former state of New York.

Here are the facts:

  • Each individual claims to be a resident of Florida who moved there from New York.
  • Each voter says they did NOT vote in New York in 2018.
  • The elections offices in New York & Florida have confirmed someone voted in their names in both states.
  • Each resident says they have not lived in New York or voted there in “years.”

These aren’t the culprits of voter fraud.  These are the victims.  

View the latest video HERE.

When our investigators told these individuals that a ballot was cast in their names in Florida and New York, they were outraged.

Here’s what they told our journalists:

Florida Voter #1: Yeah, someone’s voting with my name in New York . . . I haven’t voted in New York, I mean let’s face it, I was what 25, 26 when I moved out here . . .

Florida Voter #2: Well, we’ve been residents in Florida, that’s our old address.

Florida Voter #3: It wasn’t me.  It was voter fraud apparently.

This second video in our series of voter fraud investigations shows that the real victims of voter fraud aren’t politicians and campaigns, but normal and unknowing people.

Who voted in their names?   Is this yet another systemic voter fraud problem?  How many hundreds or thousands of ‘extra votes’ were cast under the same scam?

You might recall our 2016 investigation where our journalists was offered the ballot of top a Clinton ally, Huma Abedin, in New York City.

Can anyone walk into a New York polling place and vote, using the identity of another person?

Stay tuned . . .  more on voter fraud soon.

Be Brave!

Project Veritas Team