Why LIFA supports BAHA “Buy American Hire American.”


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Why LIFA supports BAHA “Buy American Hire American.”

Last week, we wrote about how the United States actively brought the best of Europe’s STEM professionals to the U.S. after WWII and seeded huge gains in technology, most notably in the space race that put American men on the moon in 1969.

Today a benign program beneficial to the U.S. has mushroomed into an industry that allows and encourages the loosely regulated importation of foreign workers, often in the guise of students, who take Americans’ jobs.  This invasion, primarily from India and secondarily from Communist China, is a major factor in the erosion of the United States’ advantage in technical expertise in fields such as aerospace, information technology (IT), pharmaceuticals, and medicine.

We’re told there are more jobs than workers in our economy today. We’re told that there are countless “jobs Americans won’t do.”  These are beguiling, facile falsehoods.  The truth is that multinational corporations, many of them nominally American, profit by displacing or replacing qualified Americans. Why do American businesses discriminate against their fellow citizens?

The answer is simple: profit, or to be less delicate, greed.  Because employees or “workers” are seen as parts in a machine, parts that can be readily interchanged as you might replace the alternator in your car, businesses fall for the temptation to exchange an American for someone from overseas in order to get more labor for the buck.

In a globalist economy, where people are parts in a machine, why not hire the lower-cost people?  Does not the drive to continuously enhance the bottom line justify measures that may seem heartless to some but that increase shareholder value (and by extension the overall economy)?  Aren’t increasing profits and rising share prices for Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Intel good for everyone’s 401(k)?

But at what cost?

The costs are many and easily ignored, if they’re apparent at all.  The immediately visible result is the replacement of American workers, as previously discussed.  Beyond that loom the longer-term disadvantages.  Young Americans realize that good technology jobs are harder to get unless they’re holders of H-1B or other visas held by foreign workers. Numerous cases prove that companies who provide foreign workers have broken the law by advertising that only H-1B visa holders will be considered.  This sort of abuse is becoming more prevalent as foreigners move into management positions at the same companies that are displacing Americans.  This open discrimination breaks laws at all levels.  It is reminiscent of the hostility heaped on 19th century Irish immigrants who were told, “Irish Need Not Apply.”  Are today’s practices any less flagrant?

Who is behind this?

The most recent Department of Labor figures (2017) indicate that 70,000 Indian H-1B holders enter the United States to work annually. Currently, Senate Bill S.386 will remove that cap, and it appears that over 300,000 Indians already hold visas to work in the U.S. A flood will become a tsunami!

The prime offenders in this drama are companies that serve as conduits for foreign workers, providing some training for those who would work in the U.S., affirming and sometimes exaggerating their qualifications, and arranging for their travel, payment, and placement.  Recognizable names include Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, Ernst Young, Deloitte, and on and on.


What you can do.


  • Share this letter with like-minded people and direct them to our website and social media.


  • Donate to LIFA to further our work to protect American workers, defend our borders, and support legitimate, legal immigrants. LIFA’s message is getting heard in Washington and Tallahassee, where LIFA participated in the efforts that led to the successful passage of Florida’s anti-sanctuary city legislation in April and signed into law by Governor DeSantis.


  • Contact – write, call, or email – your Senators to oppose Senate Bill S.368, “The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019,” which will remove the country caps on foreign workers in the U.S.


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