Why Washington is not our Friend


Washington has become unhinged. Every decision they make seems to make no sense. The attached analysis tries to find a reason. To understand why these decisions are being handed down, we have to realize they are being made for their benefit, not ours.

Every directive is made on the basis of what will keep them in power and what can benefit someone who supports them. The lobbyist money is what drives Washington and nothing drives lobbyist money more than cheap foreign labor. That is what is why they have opened the border and even increased the benefits for those who show up. The fact that sooner or later these people will be voting Democrat is a big plus.

They want everybody to wear masks and get vaccinated unless you are part of the border crossers, then you are free to go. It is reported that as many as 10 percent of all those being released in our neighborhoods would test positive for covid.

The attached does not give a solution, but at least it gives a little more understanding of the insanity.

Here is the link to what Wayne Allyn Root has to say.



Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America