Will any of these Democrat candidate proposals Make America Great Again?


Democratic Party 2020 Presidential Candidate Positions

By: George Noga – June 23, 2019


The first debates among democratic presidential candidates are this coming week. MLLG has compiled a compendium of 70 positions publicly advocated by declared candidates. It is presented for our readers in no particular order and without editorial comment; sic loquitur pro se, i.e. it speaks for itself. I can’t make this stuff up!


  1. Payment of reparations for slavery
  2. New wealth tax of 3% per year on assets
  3. Late term abortion – up to the moment of birth
  4. Restoration of voting rights for released felons
  5. Impeachment of President Trump
  6. Raising the top personal income tax rate to 70% (from present 37%)
  7. Refusal to repudiate anti-Semitism by democrat members of Congress
  8. Free college tuition for all
  9. Medicare for all (Note: It’s not really Medicare; it’s Medicaid.)
  10. Raising the corporate tax rate to 35% (from present 21%)
  11. Abolition of the Electoral College
  12. Amnesty for illegal aliens
  13. No gun rights for released felons (Note: See number four supra.)
  14. Capping interest rates on all credit cards
  15. Packing the Supreme Court by adding up to four new justices
  16. Federal jobs guarantee to everyone
  17. Minimum wage of $15 per hour
  18. Infanticide: “Make the baby comfortable while deciding whether to kill it.”
  19. Impeachment of Justice Kavanaugh
  20. Voting rights for felons still incarcerated (including Dzhokhar Tsarnaev)
  21. Citizenship (voting rights) for illegal aliens
  22. Voting for 16-year olds
  23. Green New Deal including no air travel or cows and one car per family
  24. Abolish ICE – US Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  25. Deep cuts to defense spending
  26. Abolishing senate filibusters
  27. Single payer government health care for all
  28. Federal licensing and control of all large corporations
  29. Strict new gun control measures including confiscations
  30. Federalizing all voter registration
  31. Abolishing or changing the method of representation in the US Senate
  32. Ending all private health insurance and health insurance companies
  33. Reinstituting the Iran nuclear deal
  34. Statehood for DC, PR, VI, Guam: 8 new senators; 14 new electoral votes
  35. Tearing down existing walls on our southwest border with Mexico
  36. Raising the estate tax rate to 77% (from present 40%)
  37. Rejoining the Paris Climate Accord
  38. Raising the payroll tax by 2.4 points – equivalent to 15%
  39. Means testing Social Security
  40. Taxing capital gains as ordinary income
  41. Removing all caps from the payroll tax
  42. Taxing unrealized capital gains each year
  43. Jailing corporate executives for regulatory violations
  44. Cash distribution of $1,000 per month to everyone (UBI)
  45. Forgiveness of all student loan debt – $1.5 trillion
  46. Federal payment to teachers of $315 billion over 10 years
  47. Outlawing all state right-to-work laws
  48. Increase fuel economy standards for all cars
  49. Halt all energy leases on federal land
  50. Spending $5 trillion (unspecified) to control emissions
  51. Opposition to nuclear energy (cleanest energy we have)
  52. Creation of new Americorps – to plant trees on marginal land
  53. Prohibiting the private practice of medicine (Medicare for America bill)
  54. Federal licensing of all firearms – must be renewed every 5 years
  55. Abolition of payday loans – by mandating ultra-low interest rates
  56. Have the USPS (postal service) make low interest loans to consumers
  57. Imposition of a VAT – value added tax on the entire US economy
  58. Added 7% corporate tax on reported income higher than taxable income
  59. Free government provided health care for all illegal aliens
  60. Legalization of recreational marijuana throughout the United States
  61. Require companies to obtain equal pay certificate from the US EEOC
  62. Dictate national paid leave policy for the entire private sector
  63. Mandate federal preclearance for states to pass any new abortion laws
  64. Federal taxpayer funding of abortions (repeal of Hyde Amendment)
  65. Breakup Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon
  66. New exit tax of 40% of assets for any American giving up citizenship
  67. Federal government pays all rent for anyone in excess of 30% of income
  68. Abolishing all private prison management companies
  69. Free child care, pre-school, college and 100% student loan forgiveness
  70. New promises are being added each and every week; it is hard to keep up.