Dear LIFA friends:

I do not need to provide evidence of the horrors of Socialism/Communism. The United States has welcomed millions of Communist survivors. They have organized to have a voice. One of those voices is the http://www.spider-and-the-fly.com/ website is where the u-tube attachment below came from.

Did Communism die when the wall came down or did it just change tactics? Obviously, they could not win the war of world dominance with violence. But they could win it by infiltrating and influencing societies from within.  By corrupting them.

From the book “The Art of War” Socialists/Communists know themselves, and learn all there is to know about their enemies. Learn their culture, their language, way of life, their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. They become part of the fabric of the society and secretly get trained to bring up their Marxist ideas camouflaged with good intentions. Comrades are placed in the Media, academia, entertainment, seminaries, churches, and government.

In most Colleges, professors ridicule and demonize Christianity, traditional values, and Capitalism. The students become “useful idiots” that start the revolution for them. They avoid debating conservatives lest they be convinced. The labels others, who they have been conditioned to look up to, have affixed to conservatives are nasty and vicious.

How many more people have to die at the hands of Communists for the world to finally have a Nuremberg-like trial for Communist leaders? How many more countries will they destroy and impoverish? The United States of America has had the antidote from its founding or we would’ve already fallen: The Word of God!

Here is the testimony of one more victim of Communism.




Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America