Wise Welcome has prepared the proof from the Bible that all nations need borders, especially those that are Christian and wish to remain Christian.


American Association of Evangelicals Offers New Immigration-Themed Bible Study ‘Wise Welcome

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Sanctuary cities. Caravans. Children without adults. Asylum seekers. DACA “dreamers.” Travel bans. Voter fraud. Escalating drugs, crime and murder.

No single issue is dividing America, including Christians, more than immigration.

The American Association of Evangelicals (AAE) and Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration (EBI) say this division is tragic and unnecessary, when a biblical understanding of a wise welcome could heal both the Church and nation.

Therefore, AAE and EBI are announcing the availability of a new, free, downloadable Bible Study on the topic of immigration called “Wise Welcome: The Bible & Immigration.”

George Soros-funded “ministries” like Sojourners and Faith in Public Life assist the open borders political project, but few know that the Bible does not teach open borders and blanket amnesty. It teaches discernment and “Wise Welcome.”

“Many people have heard the beautiful verse from Matthew 25, ‘I was a stranger and you welcomed me,’ but few know that, in Scripture, God rebuked Israel for open borders that led to crime, violence and loss of the faith, culture and sovereignty of Israel,” says AAE spokesperson Kelly Monroe Kullberg. “We’re called to shape our culture, like a garden. That requires wisdom.”

The free, downloadable, 29-page study will help Christians discover the wisdom of Scripture to bless communities, churches and nations. The e-book is co-written by esteemed Professor of Old Testament James Hoffmeier, who grew up as a child of missionaries and has experienced life as both a refugee and an immigrant.

“There are different words in Hebrew for a foreigner who is to be received as a resident alien, or to be treated as a temporary guest worker, or to be refused passage and citizenship,” Hoffmeier says. “Scripture makes the distinctions clear.  It’s important to understand the whole counsel of Scripture.”

Eric Metaxas, best-selling author of “Bonhoeffer” and “If You Can Keep It,” has words of praise for the “Wise Welcome” study.

“If you want to know what the Bible says about immigration, look no further,” he says. “We needed a deeper explanation of what it means to follow Jesus in this area, and I am so grateful we finally have it!” 

Churches, pastors, legislators, small group leaders and others may download “Wise Welcome” free at www.AmericanEvangelicals.com.

Kullberg is founder of the Veritas Forum and American Association of Evangelicals, the author of “Finding God Beyond Harvard” and an articulate spokesperson on Christian worldview.

AAE is a growing, informal coalition of Christians who share the gospel, advance biblical worldview and engage opposition to the faith and nation. Contact AAE at Info@AmericanEvangelicals.comWise Welcome FinalWise Welcome FinalWise Welcome Final

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