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Call to Action #1

Call your member of Congress and tell them you want them to oppose H.R. 1 – also known as the “For the Politicians Act” and one of the most anti-free speech bills we’ve seen in a long time.


Simply call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be transferred to your member’s office.



Hi I’m _______, a constituent from of Congressman/Congresswoman ________.


I’m calling to ask him to vote NO on HR 1. As a tea party activist, I know firsthand how chilling onerous regulations on donors and supporters of nonprofits will be simply for exercising our right to assemble and petition government — rights that are guaranteed in the First Amendment. The Democrats are trying to codify the illegal and unconstitutional actions the IRS took against groups with “tea party” and “patriots” in their name.


Further, I object to the portions of the bill that will match donations. We are already 22 trillion dollars in debt and our border is not secure. We do not need additional debt for spending programs to pay for political campaigns. Again, vote no on HR 1.


Call to Action #2

Our second call to action this week is sign up to organize or commit to attend a rally in your city on April 15 to Stop Socialism and Choose Freedom! Help us recruit others to organize or attend rallies as well! We want to see at least 500 rallies across the country on April 15, taking a stand against socialism.


**Every organizer who steps up to host a Stop Socialism and Choose Freedom rally will receive help and guidance from TPPA, as well as a rally kit from us that includes a how-to guide, a t-shirt, posters, and more.**


Sign up to host or attend a Stop Socialism and Choose Freedom rally on April 15.


And make sure to utilize the resources we have already created, as well as check our hub page often to get access to new resources as they are posted.

  • Our current how-to guide for getting the word out about the tea party’s 10th anniversary
  • Videos and social media you can share online
  • Patriot spotlights – profiles of activists who are making a difference
  • Other media to share

Lastly, we’ve had a few supporters email us and ask us exactly how we are going to fight socialism. Our nationwide rallies on April 15 are the first of many steps. Stay tuned for a more detailed plan of action, a plan that attacks socialism from multiple directions. But, we first need to get back to the streets and demonstrate publicly that America will never be a socialist nation.


Please make sure to sign up to organize or attend a rally and help us get the word out!

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin


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