President’s Message


Our mission is to represent American citizens who legally immigrated into this country, to educate the public on the differences between legal and illegal immigration, and to give a voice to the voiceless legal immigrant.

Amapola Hansberger, Founder and President of Legal Immigrants for America



Dear Friends of LIFA: Your immediate phone call or e-mail to Governor DeSantis is requested.  He needs our support.  Inasmuch as we applaud President Trump for his handling of this emergency, he needs to continue to leave the decision with the Governor of the state involved. Governor DeSantis’ stern and…

“Do you believe the Chinese propaganda that they have suddenly cured the virus that they initiated?”

The Fight Against Chinese Coronavirus Needs ALL of Us to Succeed   Wuhan Chinese Pandemic:  Be smart.  Pay attention to the advice health care professionals are giving.  Be diligent about your habits. Do your part to help. This is serious and should be taken seriously. It isn’t and shouldn’t be…

China sure wants to join with anyone who wants to get rid of Trump.

President Trump: “My message is to all Americans, but to those Americans who are going through a lot–we love them, we’re with them, and we won’t let them down.” God bless America.   This is your daily reminder that Joe Biden was against the China travel ban in January. Biden…