President’s Message


Our mission is to represent American citizens who legally immigrated into this country, to educate the public on the differences between legal and illegal immigration, and to give a voice to the voiceless legal immigrant.

Amapola Hansberger, Founder and President of Legal Immigrants for America


We premise it with “LIFA Concurs with Heritage”

Export-Import Bank Heritage Action is opposed to the U.S. Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank) and its reauthorization, which the House will vote on this week (H.R. 4863). We’ve led the fight against the reauthorization of the Ex-Im Bank many times before and will again include the reauthorization of the bank as…

Children being used to promote parents climate agenda

Of Monsters And Migration Most parents seek to ameliorate their offspring’s fear of the abominable monster underneath the bed.  They at least attempt to calm the unnerving figments of their children’s overactive imaginations purportedly lurking behind the swaying window curtains. Not so Swedish UN darling Greta Thunberg’s parents.  In October…